Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It is always hard to see the missionaries go, but it very special to see the power and authority of their calling as they have grown in their missionary service.  The foundation of their faith has helped others come unto Christ.

                We received 13 new sisters and 2 elders this May 6th arrivals.  So glad they're here.

Also 9 "visa waiters"  missionaries waiting for their visa's to go through to Brazil and Argentina

In the April 2013 General Conference, Elder Russell M. Nelson said, "Catch the wave of missionary service"

This work is like a wave, but it is more like a tsunami that changes the landscape for a long time to come. In this case, this wave will change the Church forever! 

With this shift in missionary work, we have experienced some wonderful
changes in the mission.  We are experiencing a growth in new sister missionaries.  New sister missionaries that have been out for only one transfer and who have barely been trained are now new trainers.  Some are even training two new sisters.  It is an exciting time.


The mission was blessed to have Elder Ulisses Soares of the Presidency of the Seventy teach us in a mission conference Thursday, April 25, 2013.  His inspired comments gave vision and direction for the mission.  The following are some of his inspired teachings.
     “If you want to know the Lord serve Him.  If you want to know Him   
       better, serve Him better . . . the mission is sacred time”
    “You live among Christians.  Start talking to them about Jesus Christ”
    “Everything you do during the day must represent Jesus Christ”
    “This is the Lord’s way of hastening His work . . . .I wonder why?”
    “We must run faster . . . planning is an eternal principle:
    “There needs to be a place in your heart for the new mission president”
The Lord sent us a true messenger.  We are now obligated to be obedient and fulfill our obligations to the Lord.