Friday, October 21, 2011


It's hard to see missionaries leave. Elder and Sister James have been such a great help for the FOM. We are sad to see them go and we wish them well. But we are so happy to have two new couples and we welcome them. Left to right: Elder Parker and Sister Parker, Sister Gebs and Elder Gebs, goodbye to Elder James and Sister James.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ELDER NEIL L. ANDERSEN, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Elder Andersen was here in Orlando for a Stake Conference in our mission and asked if he could come and speak to our missionaries. We had the whole mission together, which doesn't happen very often. It was a wonderful sight to see all the mission come together! Elder Andersen and his wife, Kathy were accompanied by Elder Burns (our area seventy) and his wife, Joyce.

Elder Andersen taught us to learn to recognize the Spirit of the Lord and to pay attention to the little voices. "Who the Lord calls, He qualifies".

Taught how to help us grow up in the gift of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost will warn you before you do something very wrong. The Holy Ghost is a teacher, He'll teach you, be listening... what would you have me learn. Don't be so quick to respond when teaching. Have a prayer in your heart when you teach. The Spirit will help you see things as they really are and will give you courage.

The Atonement in missionary work. This is life eternal to know thee that this is Jesus Christ whom thou has sent. Not known just in your study but the mission is a perfect environment to know Him.

He taught about merits, mercy and grace.

It was a wonderful experience to be with an Apostle of the Lord.


Senior Couples, Stuart Zone, Cocoa Zone


Deland Zone, Leesburg Zone, Orlando Zone, Orlando South Zone, Hunters Creek Zone

Friday, October 7, 2011


These are our new Zone Leaders at Zone Leaders Council. We have awesome Zone Leaders.


We had 11 elders and 1 sister leave this transfer. We will miss them! How do we survive?
When a group goes home every 6 weeks we feel that we cannot fill the void! These 12 are powerful missionaries. They really have grown in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We love them!


Yes, it's transfer week again. This is an exciting but hard week. These 15 new missionaries come with many emotions. Everyone who comes is facing a monumental task. For 2 years or 18 months they are to give up everything they have known and give everything to the Lord. They spend 3-4 hours a day studying, role playing and preparing to teach investigators. They are expected to find people to teach every day by contacting, talking to everyone and working with members. They are expected to spend about 7 hours a week planning. They teach 20 lessons a week. And of course they are to prepare people to be baptized and to endure to the end. That is just part of it. You would be amazed at all that the missionaries do.
We welcome them to the FOM!



On this transfer we received 11 new elders and 4 new sisters. We are so excited to have these missionaries in the Florida Orlando Mission.


We love transfers and the excitement of new missionaries. Transfers are the most spiritual, uplifting and fun meetings in the mission. The enthusiasm that the new missionaries bring is exciting and the testimonies and strength of the departing missionaries is so inspiring.