Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our two new Haitian Missionaries arrived yesterday afternoon! Elder Smith and Elder Major, so glad to have them. We celebrated their arrival by having the Haitian Elders cook Haitian food and talk to them about the work. It was great, we all learned a lot.!

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  1. President and Sharon:

    Thanks for the phone call today. I really was thinking about you as I was going through your files. So your call was very timely. I appreciated you teaching me about the patterns you are observing. The pattern of compaionship was powerful.

    You are always in my prayers as i ask the Lord to watch over our missionaries and missions. By name I always include President and Sister King (Brett's President) and President and Sister Hall.

    I can sense how you are loved and how you have blessed Florida and how it has all blessed you. Best wishes,