Friday, November 5, 2010

Wow, it's been crazy the last few weeks! It was hard, my father passed away but it was a blessing. We had a new Temple Square Sister arrive and then nine new missionaries as well as the departure of six of our Florida Orlando Missionaries. But much to our surprise Mr. Al Gator came for the new arrivals. He's come for every group of new missionaries!

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  1. Sister Hall,

    My name is Aaron Kinser and my brother Elder Brandon Kinser just arrived in your mission. I have created a blog for his friends and extended family to follow his mission and wondered if you would mind if I post some of the pictures that you have taken with him on that blog. The blog is if you would like to see. Please let me know if you would prefer me to not do this. Thanks and take care of Elder Kinser.

    Aaron Kinser