Sunday, February 20, 2011



  1. Pres. and Sister Hall,

    I hope all is going well! It sure looks and sounds like it is. The Elders and Sisters look happy and ready and willing to do the work. The weather looks to be delightful. We've had good snow and some very cold temps, but if you don't like Utah weather, wait a minute.

    Vickie and I are doing well. We celebrated 40 years together in November and are hoping for many more. We lost another grandchild to a still undiagnosed disease on Feb. 14. Two of our son Reggie's children. They are strong and will recover slowly but surely. Other that this tragedy, we are well. I hear good things from Bryce and Peggy in Austria. They are due home in July. I see Bruce and Doug often and all is well with them.

    We continue to pray for your welfare and hope that the Lord will bless you with the righteous desires of your hearts.


  2. We get homesick for Portuguese when we see that flag. Looks like you are doing great! The first young sister that was baptised when you arrived in Florida is in Stan's student ward here on BYU-I campus. She is strong and gave a wonderful talk about her conversion. She surely does love Pres. and Sister Hall!!! We do too! (Enjoy your weather. We are getting more cold but beautiful snow this morning again!)

    Sending our love and prayers, Stan and Brenda Benedict