Friday, March 23, 2012


Project Homeless Connect event Friday, March 23rd, 2012 - give every homeless guest the opportunity for a personal one-on-one volunteer experience.

Project Homeless Connect is the Homeless Services Network’s outreach to the homeless in Seminole, Orange, and Osceola Counties. It is a one day event offering more than 50 services that are critically needed by homeless people in one convenient location.

Services offered included emergency shelter and transitional housing, mental health and substance abuse services, employment resources, food stamp assistance, Florida ID cards and birth certificates, legal services, medical care, showers, haircuts, food, clothing and much more.

The 6th annual Project Homeless Connect was located in Downtown Orlando on Friday, March 23, 2012. The location was at the First Baptist Church of Orlando. Transportation was provided to and from the event. In 2010, Project Homeless Connect served over 1,000 clients. They expect to serve the same this year.

The missionaries were part of the Project Homeless Connect and provided volunteer service for this event. We had about 50 missionaries participate for 7 hours.


  1. What I needed was clothing, work shoes, a good haircut, and referral for a private gynecologist cause I have ovarian cysts which have gotten worse, and need a colonosp., and i need bridges, dentures for my teeth. I also have been waiting a long time for my eyeglasses from this clinic. No one has given me any referrals, or provided me with an oppt. I needed a job, and no one was nice enough to me to give me a referral. Most of all, I needed acceptance, and emotional support, and all I got was rejection!!! No one has given me an opportunity. I dont understand why- when I have brain damage. Well, Im a christian, and was baptized along time ago. If you want to help, Id greatly appreciate it. pls. email me at It would be a miracle if someone did write and offer to assist someone that is vulnerable, and in need.

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