Monday, May 28, 2012


Every three months we have a two day Leadership Training Meeting. It involves all the Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and Trainers (about 47 missionaries).

“True leaders are inspiring because they are inspired, caught up in a higher purpose, devoid of personal ambition.”

That higher purpose, is the Lord’s work. This is why missionaries who truly understand the divine work they are doing (bringing souls to Jesus Christ) have the potential to be great leaders. They follow the example of Captain Moroni, and always stand for God, religion, freedom, and lead by the light of Christ, in their missionary work and in all aspects of their lives.

At this training we had the Zone Leaders teach. They taught how to teach more effectively through prayer, to recognize the Spirit, doctrines and principles and then apply doctrine in their lives. How to teach the Plan of Salvation, Restoration, and Atonement in 15 minutes. The President taught principles of a perfect exchange. And as always, we did ROLE PLAY.

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  1. I actually let out a suprised and joyful exclamation when I saw our son in a picture (maybe two!)in this post. It was so great to see him "in action" at the leadership training meeting. It brought me to tears knowing he is there doing the work of the Lord. Thank you so much for posting pictures of the missionaries. We are so blessed by your efforts to keep this blog up. Evelyn Day